2-years, 8-months, 28-days into Samantha’s abduction

Adriana Coronel Tenorio, Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel, La Mesa Prison, Lupita Tenorio, Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano, Marsha Tenorio

Sunday, August 7, 2011: Good Morning Sam! Where does the time go? We had an amazing day yesterday under the circumstances. Most of it on the beach jumping waves, collecting rocks, making sand castles and trying to fish from the beach as the tide was rolling in. It’s a reminder of what we should be. On the other hand our story is begging to be told especially as Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) tries to sell everyone on everything being normal when it’s anything but that. I took solace when you mentioned to me that you told Adriana you were mad at her for us not being together. As you get older you are starting to understand that the situation we are in is not normal. I am so proud of you for putting on such a brave face even if it comes at my expense when it’s time for me to leave every Saturday.

Today is a humbling day for me. On this day 1-year ago Adriana, Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) and others ambushed me and had me thrown in a Mexican prison for something I did not do. That was a horrible week. You have been reading about the aftermath for the last year. Even after all this time, I can still smell that place. I remember all the faces and the walls covered in graffiti. I can even still see the view through those bars. What makes this even crazier is that we are still dealing with this in the court. The judge sees the volatility in Adriana’s behavior. They have strongly suggested that  Adriana drop the case, but yet refuse to drop it themselves knowing how ridiculous this is. Could it be because the judge is a women and there is an obvious bias against father’s in Mexico, even responsible ones? To this day, while Adriana exhibits all the signs and body language of someone who is guilty, she still will not come out and make this right. Never mind how bad she is embarrassing herself in court.

Never mind she already acknowledged everyone’s part in all this. Never mind that every time they open their mouths, more lies get told. As of now all three of them have told 15 different versions of what happened on this date last year. I have only told 1, the truth. Not one word of my version of events has changed. Not one word. I don’t want to dwell on this. Not today. I do that enough already. We had a great day yesterday Sam. Nothing will change that. I am trying my best to figure out how to resolve this in the best way possible. Nothing new there. We are back in court in 10-days…should be interesting. I LOVE YOU SAM! KISSES!