5-years, 1-month, 17-days into Samantha’s abduction


Friday, December 27, 2013: Hi Sam. Four days left in 2013. I hope 2014 is a breakthrough year. Five years of this is long enough. I wish I had good news for you today. Unfortunately, I am not able to make it on Saturday. It’s not because I don’t want to. The Notary is not available. So, court is back in session January 8th. Hopefully we can make it work with the Notary one more time on January 4th and back with the court officials on January 11th. It is incomprehensible to think that a good Dad like me has to deal with never ending obstacles like this. It’s a sad way to end the year Sam and I am sorry for that. We will get through this. I have nothing but joy in my heart with the thoughts of you wanting the same. Your pictures, art work and Lollaloopsy toys bring a smile to my face, even right now as I write this. I LOVE YOU SAM! BIG KISSES FOR YOU!