5-years, 2-months, 21-days into Samantha’s abduction

Saturday, February 1, 2014: Hi Sam, bad news. Our time together will not happen today. Lourdes called this morning to tell me that the court official was not available for our time today after all. On one hand I don’t blame them. Who wants to get in the middle of this? It’s not really their job and I have been grateful for the help we have been able to get. On the other hand, if these judges could actually make a decision on things, we would not be in this position. Everyone knows by now if you leave it up to Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) to get her act together, that’s never going to happen. So, we will see what happens next week Sweetheart. I am really sorry.