5-years, 21-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Sunday, December 1, 2013: Good morning Sam! I am on such a high from finally getting to spend time with you! So, here I am on a Sunday morning reflecting on what took place yesterday. The sad part was that I spent more time with you yesterday than I have in the last 6 ½ months. Thank Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) for that.

Friday night Lourdes and I were going back and forth trying to figure out if the court official was going to be able to make the trip with us. As of 10:40 Friday night, it was not for certain we were going to be able to make it. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The power of positive thinking right? At 6:30 Saturday morning, we found out the court official was good to go. We arrive on time to the security gate where Adriana and Isaias Palomeque’s (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global) new house is. The security guard calls the house. No answer. Initially the thought was that you were gone for the weekend given it’s the Thanksgiving holiday. Then again, that is a United States holiday.  Mexico doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving the way we do. So who knows. As we sat there, the guard tried several times. Nobody answered the phone. The court official told the guards that we needed to drive by the house to see if anyone was there. The guards refused to let us in without anyone acknowledging our presence. As we turn around to go back to Lourdes’ office, the court official stops his truck and proceeds to walk back to the guard shack to talk to the guards. Everyone, including the guards, had a hunch that Adriana was screening her phone calls on purpose knowing we were coming.

So, the guard’s supervisor offered to go to the house to see if anyone was there. It turns out, everyone WAS home. They were screening our calls! Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) tells the supervisor that we were not allowed to drive up to the house. That we had to walk. The gate is about a mile from the house. The court official told them that “Maria Guadalupe can fuck off that was not happening” No joke Sam, that’s what he said. And we proceeded to drive to the house anyway. Awesome!

We arrive to the house, and like all the other times the court official has been with us, he tells everyone why he is there. You’d think they would get the message. Or at least be slightly embarrassed. Immediately we realized Adriana was not there. I am not sure she had advanced warning that we were coming and disappeared being the coward she is. We did not even know until 6:40 this morning. Be that as it may, Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque spent the entire time in that tiny kitchen listening in on us. More on that in a minute.

You came out to say “hello” and quickly recognized the court official. He has been at the house a few times unfortunately. You sat down in the chair next to me, a little shy for the first couple minutes. Then we played a game of musical chairs. I moved to sit next to you, you moved to another chair and so on for a few minutes. Finally you got up and jumped right into my lap to the chagrin of Maria Guadalupe. She scolded you for no reason, thinking you were jumping on the couches. I told her to mind her own business and that the couches are actually mine. They were stolen when her and Adriana abducted you in 2008. I bought them! And just because they stole them from me 5-years ago, they are still MY couches. And, because they are my couches Sam can do whatever she wants on MY couches while I am there. Jump away Sam! The court official gave me the thumbs up afterwards and started recording us, which I thought was cool.

The first thing you asked me was, “Where have you been?”

Sam, the answer to that is never easy. In such a hostile environment, rather than tell you the whole story right there, I opted for, “it’s a long story, let’s save it for a rainy day”. You went on to ask me why I did not help put the Christmas tree up with you. I told you I was not invited, but would have if I were. We talked about the ornaments on the tree. You asked me to buy you a special ornament for the tree so you can put it on the tree for the both of us. Maria Guadalupe was standing right there pretending to clean. Doing her best to interfere anyway she could. I am sure hearing what you were talking to me about went over really well with her at that moment. Afterwards, we talked about what you were hoping Santa would bring for Christmas. It was all about Lollaloopsy. Which was good because I brought back the Lollaloopsy toys from the last time we tried to see you. This time you were all over it, smiling and giggling the whole time.

At one point you jumped into my arms with the new Lollaloopsy doll I brought. The ponytail of the doll is hard plastic. When it hit my head it created a cut on my forehead. I did not know it at the time, but you noticed it was bleeding and felt bad. I told you not to worry, it was an accident. You smiled, and told me to stay still and you would be right back with something to fix it. Out came the Band-Aid kit and a little Samantha TLC and I was all better. Thank you for taking great care of me!

The day would not be complete without more interference from Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque. At one point you decided to make a Lollaloopsy fortress out of the couch cushions. I took one of the big pillows and walked behind the big couch to help put it over the fortress as a roof. In order to do this the back of the couch sits adjacent to the make-shift office they set up behind the living room. This did not go un-noticed by Maris Guadalupe as she was standing in the kitchen watching over us like a hawk. Never mind the court official was sitting right there too. Maria Guadalupe yelled at the court clerk to keep me inside the confines of the living room. No joke Sam. This is what she said. I told Maris Guadalupe I have no interest in anything in that office. I could care less and proceeded to tell her to mind her own business. Again. It was then she was rushing back and forth taking things out of the office to hide them.

Gee, I wonder why?

Mind you, this is only a few days after we sent Isaias Palomeque a copy of the “secret” court petition he helped pay for to his office. This was our way of letting the cat out of the bag. Notifying everyone involved that we were onto their little scam. In between all this, Isaias Palomeque kept taking phone calls outside the house. Probably talking to Adriana about us. Whatever Isaias was talking about, he sure as hell did not want anyone knowing what was being said.

So, the court official was sitting at the kitchen table taking notes. As 1:00 approached he told me we would have to leave soon. You picked up on this and asked me if we were leaving. I told you the court official was the one who drove and I had to go with him, but it looks like we would see each other on a regular basis again. You had that sad look on your face when our time together ended in the past. It crushed me to see it Sam. Everyone else in that house has seen that face too and aside from me and the court official, the rest of the people in that house could care less that you miss your real Dad. That is unfortunate. As 1:30 rolled around, the clerk mentioned he was going to use the bathroom and we would depart after that. As smart as you are Sam, you caught it and told me to help you bring the Lollaloopsy dolls outside into the backyard. The clerk saw what was going on, he said it was OK. He had more notes to write for the court record and we would leave after that. Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque were still standing in the kitchen. I am not even making this up, these two assholes are going on 3 ½ hours of non-stop barking at the court official. I warned the clerk that as soon as we go outside, Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque were going to maul him and that he would be better off outside with us. He reassured me he could take care of himself. No doubt he could. I am sure he has seen it all on the job. As soon as we walked outside, Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque were all over the guy. You could even hear them yelling through the window from outside!!! They absolutely have no clue. That is how stupid they are.

After you beat my soundly in a game of soccer, you went back to Lollaloopsy. This time Foska joined the fun. We were outside for 45-minutes before we had to leave. Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque were still yelling the court official the entire time. Incredible.

As we left, you voiced your displeasure at us having to go. I am sorry for that Sam. I hate saying good-bye to you because I have no idea when those people will blow another gasket and keep me from you for another 6-months. I understand you were upset. I was upset too. This is no way for a father/daughter relationship to blossom. Know that I am doing everything I can to fix this. And hope reading this helps what this has really been like.

As we walked through the kitchen, the court clerk had a look of exhaustion on his face. Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque were standing at the kitchen table. So, I felt compelled to ask the court official, “Were they telling you all about the horrible week they just had?” Knowing we had sent Isaias Palomeque the copy of the “secret” petition he helped fund. The court official rolled his eyes. He already knew about all this and could not help but laugh as Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque failed to even make eye contact with me as this was going on. Burning a hole in the floor with their stares was as much as these cowards could muster as I walked by.

The court official wanted everyone to know what he was writing in his notes as IT would be part of the court record. It’s a spot on match to what I am telling you here too. The ironic part was that the court official described Isaias Palomeque as Adriana boyfriend because that is how he described himself to the court official even though Adriana was planning a wedding with Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan).

The court official told them that they wasted their time chatting his ear off because it’s obvious they have yet to figure out that the reason why he is there is because Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and everyone in that house cannot behave. He’s there to protect me and Sam and not the other way around. That is that.

And furthermore, he called Isaias Palomeque out on his obvious lies. The court official was asking rhetorical questions: Why would you (Isaias Palomeque) want to be in the middle of all this if you can’t even look me in the face when confronted? Why move as many times as they have in such a short period of time? Why is his name on 5 of the last 6 leases from all the houses they moved into for the last 4 ½ years prior? Why did he feel the need to orchestrate an ambush on me back in May? Why is he trying to obstruct me and Sam? Sam obviously knows the difference”.

It was nice to hear the court official had my back. He ended with scolding Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque for “prolonging this situation” because…”it’s clear Sam wants to be with her Dad and this environment they (meaning Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and Isaias Palomeque) created is not good for anyone. Including them.”

Well, I could not agree more. The day ended with me having a late lunch with Lourdes filling her in on the details the court official was inserting into the court record. It will be interesting to see how the judge reacts to this.

So, let’s do this again next week Sweetheart. I LOVE YOU SAM!