5-years, 5-months, 16-days into Samantha’s abduction

Littleman, screening phone calls

Saturday, April 26, 2014: Good morning Beautiful! Guess what? I saw Littleman in my dreams last night. The dream seemed so real because it took place here at home. I was in the kitchen and Littleman came in to get some treats. I picked him up like I always would have in that scenario; resting him on my shoulder as I lead him to the cabinet where the treats were. There he would sniff the bags of treats and the bag he sniffed the longest would be the treats I gave him. I would lift him up, blow on his big furry belly and rub noses. Littleman, purring all the way, had his own way of telling you he’s had enough of the TLC and to put him down so he can indulge his taste buds. It was great to see him. It’s cool to hear other people tell stories of him. A little of that was going on last night which may have prompted the dream.

So, lately I have been trying to call and talk to you. The phones are going unanswered. Not sure if nobody is home, the ringer on the phone is down or they are screening my calls. Either way, I have not been able to speak to you. It would be great to hear your voice my Little Princess. Hopefully soon. I LOVE YOU SAM!!!