7-years, 17-days into Samantha’s abduction (Part 1)

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Friday, November 27, 2015: It’s been a whirlwind week Sam. So, I took a much needed time out and went to Venice. No not Venice, Italy. Venice, California. Venice was a last minute decision. A couple days ago I planned on taking the train down to the border because the court date was the day before the Thanksgiving holiday. Traditionally that is the worst driving day of the year in the United States. So rather than deal with traffic, the plan was to take the train, enjoy the views and relax. That did not work out very well. For some reason my train was cancelled with mechanical issues and the train behind it was 90+ minutes late. So much for not driving. God must have been looking out because traffic both ways was no where near the mess is typically is for Thanksgiving.

Back to today. The plan was to take the train in the other direction up to downtown Los Angeles for pretty much the same reason. As my luck would have it, all trains from San Diego to Los Angeles were shut down because a semi-truck over turned on the railroad tracks. The truck was loaded with TV’s of all things. The short of it was that nobody was taking any trains anywhere anytime soon. So it was back in the car. Do we go to Los Angeles? How about Long Beach? All the malls were already bursting at the seams with people for “Black Friday” Christmas shopping. Forget that. We are going to Venice.

Venice is an absolute freak show Sam. It always has been. To the north of Venice have Santa Monica and Malibu. To the south of Venice you have Marina del Rey and Manhattan Beach all of which are beautiful. Mind you there are multi-million dollar homes on the boardwalk on Venice. However, there is a 4-block stretch of the Venice boardwalk that borders Santa Monica that really can’t be described unless you have ever been there. The people who live there like the fact it’s so “funky” as they call it. There is a joke here and it’s funny if you know the area, “What’s the difference between ‘crazy’ and ‘eccentric’? About $5,000,000 (USD)”. Hahahaha! Think about it for a minute.

Venice is proactive in dealing with the homeless population, which is pretty cool. They allow the homeless certain spots on the boardwalk to sell their wares. Mainly artistic items. This helps them makes ends enough to not be a nuisance. It seems to be working because all of the homeless people we talked to understand how they ended up that way and are trying to figure out their paths in life. I actually bought an art object from one guy. A mini surfboard that was hand painted with Venice Beach and old Volkswagen surf-mobile on it. It’s pretty cool.

If you know the music band “The Doors“, much of their music was inspired right there on Venice Beach. Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) will tell you The Doors is how her father learned English. Anyway, Venice is also known for “Muscle Beach“. Everyone in the world knows about Muscle Beach. There is actually a gym on the beach where people will lift weights in a certain area. Muscle Beach also has gymnastics type equipment that people can use anytime. Basketball courts, tennis courts, squash quarts also line the boardwalk. The beaches in this part of Los Angeles are very big. People can walk, run, bike, skateboard, roller blade and walk their pets without any hassle. I mention walking their “pets” because it’s not just for dogs. People walk their cats and pigs here too. As long as they clean up after their pets nobody cares.

Certainly nobody cared about the older, sort-of normal looking, guy who decided to get into a full blown shouting match with a palm tree. No joke Sam. We heard this guy screaming at the top of his lungs. At a palm tree. This got the attention of everyone who was near the guy, including us. This guy’s face was literally inches away from this 100-foot palm tree, screaming at it like he caught his girlfriend cheating on him. Only in Venice. To each their own Sam. It was a good distraction from what was going on the last few days. I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL!