3-years, 2-months, 5-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Sunday, January 15, 2012: Good Morning Sam! It’s Sunday morning. I recorded the two NFL playoff games from yesterday and now I am watching how the New England Patriots dismantled the Denver Broncos. There is no stress watching a game in which you already know the outcome but it’s fun none the less when you don’t like the team getting crushed.

What is not fun is sitting in the border line for 3-hours waiting to get back to San Diego. That was last night when our time was over. I have to make the commitment and get a SENTRI pass. This is crazy. I never expected I would be doing this as long as I have. As I sat in line I started to write this post, I accidentally deleted what I wrote. So, I gave it a rest until now. In a way I am glad it happened that way. Every Saturday, it’s a very somber drive home. Sometimes all I do is drive home with the windows down to hear wind swirling around me, cleansing me of any frustration and sadness I might be feeling about not being able to do enough to resolve this. Our time together seemed to go by in 5-minutes. As always we cannot get uninterrupted time, father/daughter time. We were relegated to the living room early in the morning for some reason. That would change later in the day. I realize Candyland is a multi-player game. However you wanted you and me to play. Everyone else invited themselves. I figure it is better to try and make this as natural as possible even though there is nothing natural about what has been going on here the last three years.

Earlier we started our time by looking for the key that opened the Monster High locker Santa gave you for Christmas. You were so distraught over losing the key you could not even eat breakfast. So off we went to look for the key. Our search led us to the garage where the PT Cruiser was. Yes, the same PT Cruiser that Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) allegedly got into the car accident with. You know where I stand on this, I think Adriana is lying about her injuries. It’s not like she has not done this before. Anyway, it was dark in the garage so I opened the garage door to let the sunlight in as we looked for the key in the car. Adriana must have heard the garage door open because in a panic, thinking I was taking you away, ran like lightning into the garage. Just curious how someone who could barely get out of bed because of these so-called injuries from a car accident, run like that from the kitchen to the garage, dodging all sorts of objects on her way just to see what we were doing in there. You could literally see the panic on Adriana’s face. Was the panic because she thought I took you out of the house? Or was she in a panic because she knows I just found out she is lying about her car accident? It’s probably both actually. I would love to know what she was thinking when she saw me standing in the back of her car when she came into the garage. There was absolutely no sign the car was hit by anything. There was not a scratch anywhere on the back of the car!

Immediately, and without provocation, Adriana went into excuse mode admitting there was no damage to the car but the “bump” her car received that day still caused severe injuries to her neck. Mind you Sam, I never said a word to Adriana about the car or the accident. She said all that on her own. For me, the situation spoke for itself. I sat there with this huge grin on my face. Granted, I expected the back of the car to be completely smashed the way Adriana described what happened. Nope. Not a scratch. If a car can “bump” another without leaving so much as a scratch, rest assured there is absolutely nothing wrong physically to anyone. I have had cars “bump” into me without leaving a scratch. I had no idea it happened until the drivers of those cars walked up to tell me they were sorry. I looked at them with disbelief that it happened, had a laugh over it and called it a day. So Adriana was caught lying yet again. Is anyone surprised?

Oh yeah, I found the key to the Monster High locker. You had left it in the back seat of the PT Cruiser.

Afterwards, the mood changed in that house for a while. I have always been convinced Adriana has everyone on guard. I mentioned this before. That is why nobody leaves us alone. That is why Omar Mireles Martinez stayed as long as he did, etc. It’s one thing to support a family member. It’s completely another thing contributing to the stupidity and insane behavior of the same person.
We did manage to get a few minutes of time together, dancing together on the patio outside before Adriana interrupted, now wearing a form fitting dress. A far cry from the neck brace and sweat pants she was sporting earlier.