4-years, 11-months, 2-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Saturday, October 12, 2013: Holy cow Sam. I am waiting in line to get back to San Diego. 6 hours before I am supposed to. Things did not go well when we arrived today. I will apologize upfront because I may sound a little angry. After reading this you would be too Beautiful. Alfredo did the driving today. Lourdes is in Monterrey and the court official was not there this time because the court just notified Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) last week that a court official would be present at every visit. They made it clear in their notification that they were not doing this for their protection against me. It was for my protection against them. Scheduling was an issue for today.

Initially I was dead set against the idea of going to that house without someone from the court there. Then again, I have always said I would go to the Gaza Strip to end this situation Sam. This was pretty much the same thing. So it was me, Flor and Alfredo. Flor, who is visibly pregnant, mentioned that today was going to be interesting because the court was not with us. That Adriana and Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) were not going to take what happened to them last week very lightly. All bets are off today and the moment we got there it smelled like revenge for last week. As crazy as that sounds, because from where you sit Sam it should have been nothing but positive.

After the gate guards called to let them know we were there, they were not in a big hurry to answer the door. We can hear everyone inside, yet it took 25 knocks on the door for them to answer. Maria Guadalupe answered the door and Flor tells her why we are there. Maria Guadalupe would not let us in. She allowed me in by myself but not Flor and certainly not Alfredo. No way was I going to do that. So, we asked for you to come to the door. Instead Maria Guadalupe calls for Adriana’s boyfriend and overall piece of shit, Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global). Really? What is he going to do? The guy is completely worthless.

So, we wanted you to come outside for a few minutes. When you did come out Maria Guadalupe and Palomeque were standing right over us. You were angry and frankly I don’t blame you. You told me that they would not allow you outside with me because they told you I was going to take you away from them. Then we find out that they are training you to lie to me too. You had your soccer uniform on so I asked you what time your game is. You told me you did not know and that you did not want me there anyway. This was not you talking Sam. We all know that. This is Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and that fat piece of shit Palomeque. Of course, Palomeque is talking shit to me as he is standing on the other side of his beat up pick-up truck. Putting a barrier between himself and me. Imagine that.

Next thing we know security comes to the house. Maria Guadalupe called them when she saw Alfredo and went completely ballistic. The guards told them that Alfredo is on public property. He’s not doing anything wrong. It’s not like he’s on private property.

Rather than continue the discussion with me, Palomeque got right in the face of Flor and started yelling at her. I mentioned it before, Flor is very pregnant and an innocent bystander. Why yell at her? Flor was visibly upset and started giving it right back to him. Seeing Palomeque on the losing end of that discussion, Maria Guadalupe went after Flor too.

Palomeque wanted no piece of me. Every time he grew the courage to mouth off to me, he was hiding on the other side of his truck. Every time I moved towards him, he backed up, moving further away. He would rather pick on a pregnant woman instead. That dumb fuck would not last 30-seconds with me if it came down to it. And he knows it.

When it became apparent this was going off the cliff fast, I told Alfredo we were leaving. Sam was clearly upset and Flor was right, they were showing their true colors with the court official not there. Remember Sam, these morons have no idea we know what they are up to in court. They have no idea and that is why they are acting like a bunch of assholes. Before we left, I started taking pictures. Flor followed suit and started rolling video. Flor and Alfredo were standing behind me, while Maria Guadalupe and Palomeque were now in front of me. I took pictures of Maria Guadalupe yelling at the guards or whoever would listen. Then I focused my attention on Palomeque. Neither one of them liked this.

Maria Guadalupe ran after me. I looked her dead on the eye and told her that I dare her to take the camera out of my hand. So, she ran past me and went after Flor instead. Getting right in her face, again. Flor is awesome! She was not backing down either. Palomeque wanted nothing to do with me. Instead he showed what a piece of shit he is by getting on the face of Alfredo. Alfredo is a 60-something year old man. Don’t let that fool you. Alfredo has vice grips for hands and he has a boxing pedigree. If they did get into it, my money definitely was on Alfredo. Alfredo can handle himself.

Being the voice of reason, I told Flor to get in the car. Once she did I got between Alfredo and Palomeque. Looking at Palomeque dead in the eye and I told him what a piece of shit he is for picking fights with pregnant women and 60- something year old men. Why not dance with me instead? He was not guaranteed anything by picking a fight with Alfredo, that’s for sure. Not wanting to make eye contact with me, Palomeque backed off immediately. Which was good for everyone at this point.

So, we went to grab coffee in San Antonio del Mar so everyone could calm down. Flor and Alfredo were fired up. I told Flor its like that every week with these people and that nobody was surprised this happened. This is who these people are. As we were driving back, Palomeque sped right by us in his beat down truck. We caught up to them at the toll booth to take more pictures. Palomeque was having none of it. He sped away. Recklessly I might add. He knew we were parked next to him at the toll booth. You were in the front seat and Axel Alvarez Coronel (AKA Axel Coronel) was in back seat. You were obviously on the way to your soccer game. Where was Adriana? Who knows. She was not there, that’s all we knew. I really wanted to follow you to the game. The way Palomeque was driving, being that reckless with you in that beat up truck, we could not take the chance of him doing something to cause you serious injury. I am sure he was counting on that too.

What shit show. Ugh.