5-years, 4-months, 20-days into Samantha’s abduction

Aloha, Christmas, Hawaii, Los Angeles

Sunday, March 30, 2014: Aloha Sam. I miss you sweetheart. I wish you were here with me. Its 3:06 in the morning in Hawaii. Even here I can’t escape the early morning wake up’s. At least here I have the sounds of the waves crashing right outside my door. It’s pretty awesome.

So, the day before was spent on a dolphin excursion. This was an amazing experience. Whale season was coming to an end. That did not stop us from seeing the gentle giants do their thing. They are such amazing creatures. Then it was the spinner dolphins turn. Pods of them. Hundreds of dolphins just swimming about. The bottle-nose dolphins did not disappoint either. These are the kinds of dolphins we see along our coastlines too. Seeing them from the beach and being able to swim with them in their environment is a completely different experience. The bottle-nose dolphins are more aggressive of the two kinds and they put on a show for us: surfing the wake of the boat, jumping in the air, one almost jumped in the boat he was that close. Sea turtles were everywhere. They were not shy either. They would come right up to your face mask to get a closer look. Some of them were so big, someone your size could hold onto one and let it swim you around. Diving down deeper into the water, a manta ray swam by, not at all worried about us being in the water. And it’s not every day you can hang out with an octopus. That was beyond cool. I dove down about 30 feet (48.2 km) to get a better look at the turtles swimming around the bottom of the ocean when I saw this young octopus. It was a little bigger than the size of my head. Once he/she started to swim around, their legs made it look much bigger. None the less, it was an amazing experience being able to hold it in my hands.

News quickly spread that the Los Angeles area had a series of earthquakes the last couple days. Some good sized jolts too. The epicenters of these were 20-miles (32.1 km) from my house. Not sure, if any, damage was done to the house. I guess we will find out when we get home tonight. Although, the neighbors would have called if anything big happened. Being 90-miles (144.8 km) away from my home may have shielded you away from these current events. Hopefully so.

OK, it’s time to come home Sam. I cannot wait to see you. While I still have Christmas gifts you have not had the opportunity to open, I think those can wait. I have some cute Hawaiian gifts for you. It’s now 3:39 in the morning. The patio door is open and the waves are crashing outside my door. Time to go back to bed Beautiful.

6:47AM. I just woke from a dream where you were lying right here with me on this couch. In fact you were lying on my chest as I combed my fingers through your hair listening to the waves crashing on the beach. You had this big smile on your face Sam. It was your trademark beautiful smile. I asked you if you slept well. You shook your head to say yes. Then I asked you if you had sweet dreams. Again you shook your head to say yes. I smiled. Then I woke up. DAD LOVES YOU SAM! Mahalo Sweetheart.