6-years, 10-months, 17-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Sunday, September 27, 2015: Wow Sam! We’re you able to see the super-moon eclipse? This happens once in every 30 years or so. I was 12-years old when it last happened. Mother Nature can put on a show. So, I sat out on the deck and watched it unfold for the 90 minutes it was going on. Basically, this phenomenon is when a full moon is actually fully eclipsed by the Earth. It’s the sun’s reflection off the moon that makes the moon light up at night. Every 30 years or so, the Earth gets in the way for awhile, stopping the moon from being bright. That is what happened tonight. Astrologers call is a “blood moon” because it looks red in the sky as a result. I don’t remember the last one. This one was very cool to watch. Hope you had a chance to enjoy it where ever you are. Hope the picture I took of it looks OK. I LOVE YOU SAM!