6-years, 9-months, 3-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Thursday, August 13, 2015: Sam, I had no idea there was a National Left Hander’s Day. Today is that day. Who knew? If Mexico can have the Day of the Taco, we can have a National Left Hander’s Day. I read about it and immediately it reminded me of you. The tradition started 13-years ago. I think it’s cool you are left handed Sam. That is something you share with an estimated 10% of the world’s population. In a 1996, Harvard Medical School researchers found that attorneys and architects were, as a group mostly left-handed. Other studies have shown that there are more left-handed people working as artists and musicians and in university settings. More than 20% of Apollo (NASA) astronauts were lefties. It’s interesting stuff. So, Happy National Left Hander’s Day Sam!

Right now, I am sitting on a rock at North Beach in Del Mar watching the waves. I miss this place. It was this very spot back about a decade ago where hundreds of people flocked to at 2:00 in the morning to welcome this tsunami that was allegedly heading our way. The source was a fairly strong earthquake that hit the coast of Chile. It was all a big joke. Even the weather channel did not take it seriously knowing most of the waves energy was already absorbed by the time it got to us. As a result, a rogue 12-inch wave that seemed out of place and stronger than a normal wave would have been, but that was it. The Del Martians took it all in stride as they always do with their own particular brand of humor.

Across the street is the famous Del Mar Racetrack. Anywhere you go in the world that has a coastline, there is a good chance it’s photogenic. Del Mar certainly fits that mold. I have not hung out here in sometime. Last night one of my favorite musicians, Buddy Guy, was playing in Solana Beach. The next town over. Not a bad way to spend the morning. North Beach in Del Mar is also known as Dog Beach. As you can imagine there are a lot of dogs here. Pretty cool to see the dogs having a great time crashing into the waves. There are a lot of boys and girls here that are your age Sam. On one part of the beach there is a group of kids your age in a beach volleyball camp, while another group of kids is enjoying surf camp. To the left of me is a young family with their two kids. The little girl cannot be more than 3 or 4 years old. Her brother, maybe 2-years old. The little girl reminds me of you when we used to go to the beach. Investigating everything and anything that washed up in the waves. Dad took her out closer to the water than she would have been able to do herself. It reminded me of our times at the tide pools playing with the sea anemones.

Not much movement on any of the cases Sam. We do have some court dates coming up. Not sure what that means when we don’t even know where you are right now. Stay tuned. Hopefully we will have some updates shortly. I LOVE YOU SAM!