7-years, 1-month, 6-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015: Well, well well. What do you know. Another comment from Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) and/or Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan). They left the following comment on this post:

Date: 2015/12/16 at 11:56 pm, Stockport, Stockport, UK Author: elizabeth farquhar duncan E-mail:local.hotel@outlook.com Comment: Well we are at it again are we I am not ari I am Elizabeth, you with the eyes everywhere should know this. We are looking to come over to America so we may meet up I have gone over all of your sites concerning this matter and you certainly seem to have valid points which are being looked into BRIAN I hope you have more success on what you are hoping to achieve. It would most certainly put your mind at rest it has been a long battle for you.

We have some valid points??? Ummm no. All of these points are valid. 100%. We are not here to tally points. We are here to enforce Samantha’s rights to see and have a life with her real Dad. Period. It’s worth noting we extended the invite to meet anywhere in the United States. I will fly anywhere to meet this person who doesn’t exist. While we would love to have a sit down, I am betting that you are too much of a coward to actually do it.