7-years, 10-days into Samantha’s abduction (Part 3)

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Friday, November 20, 2015: So, we had coffee with someone in Adriana Coronel Tenorio’s (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) inner circle. We asked for unconditional and complete honesty and not to worry about the optics of how this looks. This was a judgement free zone. And damn did this person have a lot to tell us. With this person’s permission the entire conversation was recorded. This person is still on the inside, so as of now we will hold off on releasing the recording. Suffice it to say, we do have this person’s permission to release it when ever we please. And eventually we will do just that. Here is how it went down…

Thank you for contacting to us. This takes a lot of courage. For starters, why are you talking with us after all this time? You never want to believe your friends are capable of such bad things. I was growing increasingly uncomfortable with everything that was going on in their lives. Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) was trying to control everyone as her own and make everyone her puppet. I did not want to participate in any more situations that would cause problems both legally and personally. I realized that they were out of control. It did not matter to them who they hurt in order to get what they wanted in the moment, including Samantha. I finally saw things clearly for who they truly are and would like to completely removed myself from their lives. The only way I can do that and be at peace with this is try to make things right for you and Samantha.

What did they want from me and why did this happen? Adriana thought of you as her soul mate. She talked about the chemistry you two had all the time. And when you did not marry her when she wanted to get married, she took that very personally. According to Adriana’s mother, you were the only man in Adriana’s life she actually liked. She liked how “real” you are and loved that you paid attention to details. She was impressed that you remembered how she likes her coffee. Why that would impress her I don’t know. When you wanted Maria Guadalupe to leave the house, Adriana actually agreed with you. She felt Maria Guadalupe should go on and live her life and not be so possessive with Samantha. Maria Guadalupe became really angry with you as a result. Unfortunately you know the rest.

Not sure about you, but I can think of better ways to get a man to marry you. And it has nothing to do with kidnapping my daughter, stealing everything out of my house and having me thrown in prison for no reason. Hahaha. That probably would not work for me either.

What is Adriana’s end game if she was successful in taking Samantha away from me for good? Where is she going to go? You know this woman never had a plan for anything. She was without goals, plans and left everything half done. She was not a strong woman. Very vulnerable. She didn’t know what she wanted and lacked initiative. She would hop on a plane with an afternoon’s notice. I imagine she plans on taking Samantha to Scotland where Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan) is from.

Were you at Adriana’s wedding? If so, who else was there? No, I was not at her wedding. Only her family attended as she had no more friends after they all found out what she did to you and Samantha.

How long was Adriana juggling Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global) and Danny Howitt at the same time? I don’t know exactly, but you and Ari (Adriana’s nickname) were still together at the time when she started with them.

Did Palomeque ever know about Howitt? Oh yeah. Adriana ended the relationship with Isaias right before she married with Danny. Isaias was more worried about you and did not think anything of Danny. He was still trying to win her back no matter how bad it made him look.

So let me get this straight, Palomeque helped Adriana with all these houses to hide from me knowing she was juggling another man? Yes.

Holy shit the guy really is a fucking moron. Hahaha. He is what he is. Book smart and street stupid.

OK, I am trying to get my head wrapped around all this. Palomeque knowingly perjured himself under oath in court last year. All this as he was still trying to gain favor with Adriana knowing full well she had another man in her life? And at the same time she was living in houses he helped her get? Yes! Adriana had both these guys wrapped around her finger. Bent to her will. And he doesn’t think he will ever get caught for lying in court. He’s more afraid of you kicking his ass than going to jail.

That’s all well and good. The day Palomeque had his ass handed to him in court was several months AFTER Adriana got married to Howitt. The math doesn’t add up. What am I missing? Hahaha. You are asking the wrong question…

Ahhhh. Touche. See, the math adds up perfectly.

To be continued…