7-years, 10-days into Samantha’s abduction (Part 6)

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Friday, November 20, 2015: This is the final installment from the conversation with a close friend of Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel):

What can you tell me about Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global) and Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan) that we may not already know? What did you like about them? What did you NOT like about them? Isaias was a religious man. I liked that he treated Samantha well and seemed to truly care for her. He was fooled by all of Adriana’s lies and manipulations and was an easy target. He did not drink alcohol. I only saw him drink two times that I remember. He was always trying to calm Adriana down from her tantrums, irrationality and explosions.

Palomeque is religious? C’mon? A man with his resume of home wrecking and utter douche-baggery? That is the image he tries to put out.

He needs to find another source of faith to set his moral compass straight because religion is not working for him. Hahaha. Hipocrita.

What about Howitt? I met Danny several times. Every time I saw him he was either drunk or hung over. I heard that he is an alcoholic. And from the times that I saw him,I can believe that this is true.

So Howitt is a lush and Adriana still let him around Samantha? The times that I saw him, he did not interact with Samantha much. Although I did not have a lot of contact with him. I did not trust him. I saw him as a bad influence.

How so? I’m not a fan of substance abusers to begin with. Danny is several years younger than Adriana. He is not mature enough to take on the responsibilities he signed up for. Then again, Adriana relates to younger people because she can manipulate them easier. I do not get their relationship.

Danny and I crossed paths once. Hahaha. I heard that.

Why is that funny? Adriana knew you were coming that day to visit Samy because it was her birthday. She made sure to parade Danny out in front of you to see what kind of reaction she could get from you.

Hahaha. Now that IS funny. Why would I react to that? If she is happy and Samantha is safe, I’m cool. I am not sure Adriana feels the same way. She would not put all that effort into it if she still did not have feelings for you.

Did Axel Alvarez Coronel (AKA Axel Coronel) have any girlfriends when he was in high school? Did Adriana let Axel date? Yes, Adriana let Axel have a girlfriend. He had a girlfriend and maintained her throughout his high school years. Why?

Honestly, I was hoping to hear Axel was gay. Samantha told me she was uncomfortable being forced to sleep in Axel’s room from time to time. A couple times she was asked to give Axel back rubs with and without his shirt on. Que??? Orale!!! Pinche Axel!!! Todo locos.

That is what I said. Samy said this in front of the court officials too. At least this is in the court files. Lo siento.

Did Adriana ever talk to you about Axel’s dad? If so, what did she tell you about him and their relationship? Yes, Adriana talked to me about his dad. She said that the father left when Axel was a baby and did not want to be responsible for Axel. Adriana said that Axel’s paternal grandmother never liked her and that it was a relationship that did not last. I know that they had contact in 2012 but am not sure of everything that was going on between them.

That is the same story Adriana told me as well. Although I encouraged Axel to get to know his dad back in 2007. That’s cool. How did it go?

Axel tried to reach out but they did not connect at the time. I felt bad for Axel because he was a good kid back then. Later on we found out the story Adriana told us was not exactly true. Were you aware Adriana did the same thing to Axel’s father as she is doing to Samantha and me? No. That is very different from the story that she told me. Like I said before she said that Axel’s dad did not want anything to do with them. And that was it. Its a believable story in Mexico because a lot of Mexican fathers do not take responsibility for their kids.

Adriana always had someone watching over Samantha and me when I came to visit. Why? Was that part of the plan in order to create the hostile environment in that house? Oh absolutely. Adriana and Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) wanted to make you as uncomfortable as possible and try to make Samantha miserable in your presence. Both of them always talked very badly about you to Samantha and would say that she was not important to you before your visits. Among other things.

Why has it been so difficult to get Adriana to find a compromise with me so we could all go on with our lives? Adriana made everything as hard for people as possible when she was mad or held a grudge. She is very vengeful in everything and did not want to see anybody be happy if she was not happy. Maria Guadalupe was very involved in all of this and did everything possible to harm the relationship between you, Adriana and Samantha.

Did anyone encourage Adriana to try and find a compromise with me over the years? If so, who? When? I know for sure that Isaias and I tried to convince her to reach an agreement with you a few times. The situation was putting a strain on their relationship. She and Maria Guadalupe refused to listen to it and just wanted to always run away and make things worse. Since Isaias was under her dominance he went along with these plans every time she changed her mind.

And now it’s Howitt’s turn. Yes. Now it’s Danny’s turn. He is Ari’s new lap dog.

Last year when we found out Adriana and Palomeque were filing court petitions behind my back to try and take Samantha away from me, at one point she had a witness list she wanted to submit to court to support her bullshit. We never saw the final list because it changed every 2 weeks. And not for the better. People she knows did not want to be a part of this. Were you one of those people and what were those conversations like? Ari never told us what this was all about. She told us what she wanted us to do and to support her in the court. She did not tell us it was a different court and that she tried to do this to you and Samy behind your backs.

When did you figure it out? One of the people Ari asked to help actually had an unrelated matter in the court. They decided to see for themselves what this was about because her stories did not making sense. So they checked. That’s when we found out. What few people that were there trying to offer their support were now gone.

When did Adriana decide to leave Tijuana and move to Irapuato? I don’t know when exactly. You know Ari. She doesn’t plan anything. When she decides to do something, she just does it without thinking about the consequences. It was after your lawyer picked her and Isaias apart in the court again. She was very angry. When all these court cases went bad for Ari, she was not going to stick around to see what was going to happen next.

Angry at what? She did this to herself. The ‘pinche gringo getting the better of her in a Mexican court’.

Did you know Adriana tried this same thing when she got to Irapuato? Yes. I heard. People have been following your case for over a year now.

Did you know this was going to happen? No.

We found out at the beginning of October. We notified the judge what was REALLY going on and sent certified copies of the entire case file down to Irapuato. All 23,000+ pages. Orale!!! What happened?

They had a hearing last month. We flew down to crash the party. They were absolutely mortified when we showed up. They definitely were not expecting us and had no idea we were coming. When we entered the room, Axel could not hide anywhere because we had the entrance blocked. One guy was video recording all of them. Maria Guadalupe made quite the scene in the waiting room. It was epic. OH MY GOD! Who else was there? Did you get to see Samy?

Maria Guadalupe. Axel and Samantha. No Ari?

No Adriana was not there. And yes. Samantha was the first person I saw. She was ecstatic to see me! OH MY GOD! I am so happy for you and Samy. What next?

Well, I just got back from Irapuato last week. We had another court appearance. Samantha was there again. And again no Adriana. The judge was not happy with Adriana, Maria Guadalupe or her attorneys. She let them have it pretty good. At one point she sat down with Samantha in the judge’s office to talk to her without the intimidation of the court room. And how did that go?

GREAT! AMAZING! Samantha told the judge she missed me. That she wants to spend time with me. She does not like Irapuato. She missed the ocean. She hates what her mother is doing. She hates moving all time. She hates changing schools every year. She hates having to leave and make new friends all the time. A DIF psychologist was there in the room and acknowledged to the court on record that Samantha suffers from the obvious effects from her abduction and subsequent alienation. WOW! And still no Ari?

No. No Adriana. She knew you would find her again. I bet she’s hiding out in the UK with Danny. Maybe this will finally be over.

Hopefully. How much humiliation can one person create for themselves before realizing it’s probably a good idea to start doing what is right for a change, especially for Samantha? You are talking about Ari. She doesn’t care about other people. Her actions have always been self-serving. When she gets caught doing something wrong or things do not go her way, hostile Ari takes over. And when that does not work for her, Ari runs.

She can run, but she can’t hide. I’ll go to the Gaza Strip to track her down if I have to. Hahaha. I don’t doubt that. What happens next in Irapuato?

We have another hearing in a couple weeks. Arrest warrants for Adriana are imminent. We will see from there. The court system down there is impressive. They video and audio record everything. When this is over they will send us a DVD of everything. Wow.

So, if you were me what other questions should I be asking you?  This is more personal advice than anything and you already know that you should always be careful with these two women. I have learned the hard way that they just don’t care about anything or anyone and are poison to anybody who enters into their lives. They will lie and manipulate and then run away from the damage that they cause. I will never be able to say I am sorry enough for everything that they did to you. You are a good man and a good Dad. This is so wrong what they are doing to you and Samy.

This took a lot of courage for you to do. I cannot say thank you enough. I am appreciative and grateful that you took the time. I had to do this in order to be at peace with my not doing more to help Adriana stop this bad behavior. Thank you for talking with me. This means a lot. I hope this situation ends soon so you can spend time with Samy again.