7-years, 3-months, 23-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Thursday, March 3, 2016: Hi Sam. I can’t help but still get emotional looking at these pictures of Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel). It’s surreal. After her flight back to Tijuana landed, she went straight to La Mesa Prison. The same prison she had me thrown in when she ambushed me back in 2010. I know the environment she is getting herself into all too well. It made me flash back to 2010. Now I am left wondering if Adriana is thinking about what she did to me back then.

One of the investigators texted me a link to a video of the Azteca News story that was done on us a couple months ago. This was the longer version which I have not seen after the final cut. He followed that up with a phone call telling me that all the mothers from your school are already talking about what happened yesterday. They also noted that you were visibly absent from class today. Not good. We have been down this road before back in 2013. It’s another indication Adriana will more than likely go on the run again rather than get her shit together if she is granted bail. No doubt about it.

As Jorge and I were sitting in the civil court in Irapuato, Lourdes was in the 2nd civil court in Tijuana. Basically asking for the same thing we were asking the judge in Irapuato, to have regular and continued access to spend time with you like before. The 2nd civil court judge said he would help us too, however he had conditions. He needed to wait for the criminal court judge to ratify the charges against Adriana making the case official which starts the process. That will happen today or tomorrow. With that Adriana will have to report to the criminal court every week and sign in until the case is over, if she is granted bail.

The judge in Irapuato made it clear for the last few months she wants to help us. And she has come through every step of the way. Not once did we ask for special favors. Just an understanding of what is REALLY going on. This court gets it. They do not trust Adriana, her family, friends or attorneys. It’s pretty obvious.

So. This judge wants to go to Adriana’s house where her arrest took place, with court representatives to see what the environment is like in the house under the circumstances. No joke Sam. She wants to see Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) lose her shit when she sees my face. And believe me, Maria Guadalupe will do just that. She can’t help herself. I love it! Let’s do this!

4:00 rolls around and the court official is ready to make the trip to the house. When we get to the house it was abundantly clear that nobody was there. Court representatives talked to the neighbors a bit as Toni and Jorge walked around the perimeter of the house to see if there was any movement at all. No Foska. No Bon Bon. There was nobody at the house. They took off. We went as far as to yell the dogs names and when that did not make them go nuts like they usually do, we knew they took off and were hiding somewhere else. I would say that this was “unbelievable” but no, this is absolutely believable.

As this was going on, we knew Adriana’s bond hearing was still going on.

As the court representatives were wrapping up their interviews with the neighbors, Javier called to tell us how the bond hearing went. It lasted a few hours with the DA stating their case. Because Adriana is a flight risk, they were asking for no bond which meant Adriana would stay in jail until the case was over. Adriana did not have an attorney with her. She had to rely on a public defender to help her through this part of the process. Javier mentioned that Adriana was no longer the “cold-blooded” person the Irapuato police officers described her when they arrested her. She looked scared and worried, biting her nails and touching her face constantly. The reality of the situation finally caught up with her. And Adriana has only been there less than 24-hours! La Mesa Prison is no joke. Some would argue that the women housed at La Mesa Prison are more volatile than the men. I can say that firsthand I witnessed 4 lock downs during my week-long stay there. 3 of them were started by women brawling on their side of the prison. That place is no joke. I don’t care how tough Adriana thinks she is, those women do not fuck around in there. Judging by the reports of her demeanor at her bond hearing, Adriana realizes she is in over her head. The reality is that Adriana did this to her self. That is here nor there at this point.

The DA presented the case against Adriana. Afterwards, the judge asked her how Adriana wanted to plea to the charges. In the United States we have what is called the 5th Amendment to the Constitution which stated that when accused of a crime, the accused has the right to remain silent and also has the right to not incriminate themselves. It’s part of the process. Mexico has the same thing. In either case, typically people would not invoke their 5th Amendment rights unless they are actually guilty. When Adriana had me ambushed and thrown into La Mesa Prison back in 2010 I told them exactly what happened because I knew I was innocent. Today, I can do it all over again word for word. During the 15-months it took for that case to work itself out, not one word I said changed. Not one. Even the judge in that case asked Adriana why it was that not one word from my side of the story has ever changed but every time SHE opens her mouth, she is telling a different story? Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and a friend told 15-different versions of the bullshit story combined. They could not even get their stories straight between themselves!

Fast forward to today. Adriana invoked her “5th Ammendment Rights” and refused to answer any questions the judge had for her. Like I said, she is well within her right to do that. At the same time its code for the court that says Adriana knows she is guilty of the charges. Before the judge set Adriana’s bail, she told Javier and Sonia that “it’s obvious Adriana has never been held accountable for her actions these last 7 1/2 years. That she has made a mockery out of the judicial system and perhaps the time she spends at La Mesa will change her outlook regarding us and the decisions she makes in her life”. The judge also acknowledged that while Adriana is the flight risk she, she also does not have a criminal record. Not sure what that has to do with the price of tea in China. Because what if Adriana murdered someone? Would she be granted bail just because she doesn’t have priors? Adriana is a dangerous person. She is dangerous to herself. She is dangerous to others. Not to mention she is dangerous to our daughter and she is an unfit mother. Period. She does not give a shit about anyone but herself. She has made that abundantly clear.

That did not stop the judge from granting Adriana bail. Although, the judge gave Adriana the highest bail allowable under law, which tells us the judge is taking this seriously. The judge made it clear that if she violates the conditions of her bail, that will be the end of her as far as this case goes. Adriana cannot leave the Tijuana city limits. Adriana has to report to the court every week. Adriana cannot get arrested again. Adriana has to get a job, etc. Those were the conditions the judge set for Adriana. Now, it will be interesting to see how long it will take Adriana to raise that kind of money. It’s not really a matter of ‘if’, it’s a matter of ‘when’.

Given that, how long before Adriana goes on the run and blows all this off.

On the flip side Sam, Lourdes thought it would not be a good idea to come to Irapuato for the DIF visit we were trying to get on March 11. It’s too dangerous right now. We will keep an eye on you to make sure we are ahead of what ever Adriana decides she is going to do in the next few weeks. I LOVE YOU SAM!