7-years, 4-months, 24-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Monday, April 4, 2016: Adriana, nobody wanted to see you get arrested for Samantha’s abduction on March 2nd. For 7 ½ years we have tried to work with you on a reasonable compromise.


So, where does this leave us and why should you care?

The compromise here is simple. Stop the bullshit and let’s find a compromise. All the civil court cases go away. This website goes away. And…all the criminal cases against you, Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio), Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan), and Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global) also go away.

This deal sells itself. Don’t be stupid and continue to ignore this.