Wendy Samantha Coronel Tenorio’s Abduction Day 317

Wendy Samantha Coronel Tenorio's Abduction Day 317

Saturday, September 19, 2009:  It’s always an adventure dealing with Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel). She constantly operates in ‘chaos mode’. That is how she lives her life. And this sense that she is a good mom, good moms would not have done what Adriana has done to us. All the rest of this act is just that. An act. I know her so well that I rarely listen to what she says. I watch what she does because more times than not, they are usually completely opposite from one another.

So, I got to see Adriana’s TJ Angel Escorts new office. She ping’s me on instant messenger and asks me if I want to see you. OF COURSE I WANT TO SEE YOU! Little did I know, she was at her office with you. She tells me you have NEVER been to the office before. As my luck would have it I can hear you on instant messenger asking Adriana why she has not watered the plants in awhile. How would you have known there were plants in the office if you have never been there before?

Adriana takes me around on a virtual tour of the “office”. It’s a converted condo a few blocks from where the house is. The office is upstairs and in it she has a whiteboard to write on. On the whiteboard she has the names of all the girls who work for her listed on it. The names go north to south on the left side of the board. Across the top of the whiteboard she has the following written: wine, corkscrews, flowers, lingerie, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Cash, receipts collected. As Adriana’s girls work she checks off what is going on with these “dates”. In the middle of the board there are 3 empty spaces where girl’s names used to be. These used to be the names of Adriana’s best girls. Her biggest money earners. They left her service because she took too much time off and did not give them ‘work’. Incredible she would tell me these things.

Adriana goes on to tell me about her wine cache she has in another location. It’s not clear if she is referring to a liquor store or winery she does business with. What I do know is that the wine guy is a customer of Adriana’s. In fact he tries to talk Adriana into being ‘one of the girls’ so he could go out with her. As far as I know she has declined. Crazy.

Sam, all I did was listen. I did all I could to not start an argument with her about this. That strategy is constantly paying off. More on that in a minute. This whole time I could see you outside the office watching TV while all this was going on.

Adriana went on about how she actually meet girls at the ‘office’. She used to meet them in hotels before she had the office. Hotels wanted too much money to hold meetings apparently. Of course I objected because while I get that place is an office, you are there a lot more than Adriana told me. I am not happy that Adriana’s business partner from Los Angeles has seen you more than I have. That there is a good chance the girls have spent time with you too, although I am not exactly sure.

We talked about Tijuana and the safety concerns I have because you are 1/2 American. American’s are a big target for kidnappings in Tijuana. People actually kidnap people to make money there; to earn a living. It’s a job to them. Adriana dismisses the notion despite all the documentation out there. Then she goes on to tell me that her biggest customer actually kidnaps people for a living! I am not kidding Sam. I am not sure why she talks to her customers with her own mother answering the phone. Again, the situation is crazy. All this took less time to happen than it did to write about it here.

Sam, I miss you so much. I know you don’t understand what is going on. It breaks my heart to not kiss you good night every night like I used to. One thing struck me funny is that Adriana apologizes to me but only after I talk about the day she abducted you, when it makes her feel bad. She has never apologized for what she has done on her own. When I inquired about the next time I will get to see you, she gave me her obligatory ‘I am too busy’ excuses and that she did not know. After she gave me her list of things she wants me to pay for, she told me it’s a good thing we get along because outside of court I never would have seen you yet. That is not something you say to someone when you are supposedly sorry for what you have done. Wow. I am so sorry Beautiful.

Dad loves you so much Sam! Many kisses!

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  1. Unbelievable. Is she for real? I am really speechless. For lack of a better word she sounds “crazy”. As you said wow…just wow.

  2. The part where Adriana Coronel Tenorio actually has the nerve to tell me that “it’s a good thing we get along or I would not see Samantha but in court” was indeed incredible…and crazy. We are pretty much preaching to choir at this point as to Adriana Coronel Tenorio’s mental capacity.

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