4-years, 6-months, 1-day into Samantha’s abduction

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Saturday, May 11, 2013: This is a post Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel), Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) and Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Globaldoes not want you to read.

To set the stage here, Adriana was given ample opportunity to tell her side of this story to the national media in the United States and Mexico when they caught wind of what all these people have been up to. They tried to get her to talk not once but three times and Adriana declined every time. One case in particular, Adriana tried to run over a news cameraman in her car as she fled when they were filming outside her house. Anyway, Adriana is currently taking up her favorite hobby again by stalking me online and other Left Behind Parents. Adriana knew this post in particular was coming because Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and Palomeque lived it and none of her personal attacks on me in the last several weeks was going to prevent it. Only a peaceful compromise to this situation will.

So…Adriana’s 2nd ambush attempt on Samantha’s real Dad…

Sam, those “thank you” cards worked too well last week. If looks could kill I would have been dead as soon as I walked in that front door this morning. Speaking of front doors, guess who was the gate keeper this morning? None other than Isaias Palomeque. The same Isaias Palomeque who Adriana said was your real Dad back in 2009. The same Isaias Palomreque who has gladly tried to replace me in your life. The same Isaias Palomeque who is the serial home wrecker. And yes, the same Isaias Palomeque who called me because he wanted to come to your birthday party when they were allegedly broken up. You cannot make this stuff up Sam.

As we started our day, Isaias Palomeque comes downstairs and interrupts us by telling me he did not want to disrupt my time with you. I told him “good, then don’t”. He obviously has my phone number, why not call me like he did last week? Suffice it to say, he was talking on Adriana’s behalf. Because, of course he was. They clearly don’t like this website. I don’t blame them. It tells the truth. Anyone in their position would not like that. Believe me Sam, they should be worried. Isaias Palomeque in particular threatened me with a slander lawsuit in California. The problem for him is that I have not slandered anyone. Of course none of these people would not know what the truth looked like if it bit them in the ass. Let’s let a judge hash it out. What Palomeque does not understand, is that my investigators have been onto him for over 4-years. I know everything about him. I know things about him his 2 ex-wives would probably like to know. So go ahead, sue me. I would love nothing more than to have you deposed. In the end, I told Isaias Palomeque to “Shut up and get on with it. Sue me or don’t sue me. Either way time to walk away from me and Sam”

In the 4 ½ years since your abduction Sam, I have endured the unimaginable, torment in front of you and false imprisonment just for starters. In that time frame, I have shown incredible restraint. Everyone comments about how patient I have been under such an incredibly insane situation. So, I took the gloves off at your birthday party by telling Adriana’s friends who she really is. I am not apologizing for that. I am only getting started Sam. Your story is going viral and into the mainstream media on both sides of the border. Adriana can change the narrative and be the hero here. Unfortunately she has shown she is completely and utterly incapable of understanding how her actions have affected you.

The response from Palomeque, Adriana, Maria Guadalupe  and another friend was to take a page out of the “let’s ambush Brian and send him to prison for something he did not do…again” playbook from August 2010. Only this time I was onto it from the moment I walked into the door. In fact the few people who knew what was going on were expecting it. It’s been almost 3-years since the “La Mesa Prison” situation. It was only a matter of time before these people tried to ambush me again. And they did it again right in front of you!

Isaias Palomeque was running around whispering in everyone’s ear. Yazmin Saad Guzman stopped by and gave Palomeque her “babe in the woods” routine out on the driveway. Then he went up and down the stairs a couple times as you were teaching me ballet, which I loved every second of by the way. My legs are still sore from all that. The stretching you do for ballet is similar to what we do for jiu jitsu. After ballet it was Barbie time. We were not allowed away from the living room so you have gotten accustomed to bringing a plethora of toys down from your bedroom in which to play with.

So, here we are minding our own business and having some laughs in spite of all the tension in the house. Around 1:00 Isaias Palomeque comes back downstairs with Axel Alvarez Coronel (AKA Axel Coronel). They go back and forth in and out of the garage a couple times. A few minutes later one of Adriana’s friends walks in. She has a brief conversation with Adriana in the kitchen about making sure the police are at the house by 4:00. Not good because 4:00 is when my visits are over with you.

Outwardly I was laughing along with you. Obviously, they were planning something bad. It felt just like August 7, 2010 all over again. Maria Guadalupe had in her cold dead hands one of the “thank you” cards. I presume Yazmin Saad Guzman gave it to her. She shows it to me, to which I said “And?”. You picked up on it and thought the card was for you. This is when Maria Guadalupe absolutely blew a gasket. She started to yell and curse at me right in front of you. Sam, I could not help but laugh because this was so surreal to begin with. For her to curse me out right in front of you, that shows her true character. I mentioned to you that the “thank you” card was not for you and that there is no way they want you to know what is on that card or the website for that matter. And, that everyone is reacting the way they are because they all just got made because they are guilty of your abduction and countless other things. And now all their friends know the truth. If they were not guilty, they would not act this way.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that ever since Adriana, Maria Guadalupe and their friend had me ambushed by the Tijuana Police and thrown into La Mesa Prison for something I did not do, I have never been to that house without backup. Someone is always watching and listening. This day was no different. So, my phone is blowing up. Texts. Calls. More texts. More calls. And its only 1:30.

All those texts messages and phone calls were people telling me to get the hell out of that house ASAP! Shit was hitting the fan and they heard every word of it. So, I packed my things. Remaining calm, the last thing I wanted was to arouse suspicion that I was onto them and prevent you from going into hysterics. So, I told you I had to get to the airport for a business trip and had to leave early because the border line was 3 ½ hours long. I asked Maria Guadalupe to open the gate. She said “no”. Now standing face-to-face, I asked her again, politely of course. And again she said “no” She goes on to add that she “did not have the keys to the gate”. I knew she was lying, but decided to humor her. “So, call Palomeque to bring the keys back (he left the house for awhile). Because if you don’t have the keys he most certainly does”.

Then she ramps up the crazy, screaming at me, “your time with Sam ends at 4:00. You can’t leave before 4:00″.

Typically Maria Guadalupe and anyone else Adriana put in charge of watching over us, was all too happy to see me leave early. Nothing put a smile on their faces more than seeing me leave early too. On the few occasions I had to leave early, everyone opened that gate with a big old smile on their face. This day, Maria Guadalupe went into a panic when I asked her to open the gate. You started to get upset at Maria Guadalupe too, yelling and screaming at her, telling her to shut up and open the gate. Maria Guadalupe went into a bigger panic at that point. Rather than open the gate, she got on a phone and told whoever was on the other end, “HURRY UP HE’S TRYING TO GET AWAY!!!” – screaming into the phone.

At that point I did not wait to hear the rest. I heard enough. This was not good. My phone is still blowing up with people warning me to get the hell out of that house. So, I ran into the garage to let myself out. Of course you and Maria Guadalupe were right behind me. Maria Guadalupe still yelling and cursing at me. And of course the door opener did not work. I look up and see that it was unplugged and the manual way to open the garage door did not work either. That’s what Axel and Palomeque were doing in the garage the few times I saw them go in there.

So, I ran back through the foyer and out the front door, ready to scale the wall when Maria Guadalupe had a temporary moment of clarity and pulled the key for the gate out of her pocket. Good choice. Still yelling and cursing at me as I left, Maria Guadalupe threw empty luggage at me. Who knows, it may still be sitting on the sidewalk. See the picture above? That’s literally seconds after the incident took place. Maria Guadalupe saw me take out my phone to get video of her with flames shooting out of her ears. Like the coward she is, she ran back inside the house. And yes, that’s Isaias Palomeque’s truck.

After all that, I hauled up the street and out of sight to the secret spot the investigators picked out as the “emergency spot” in case shit indeed did hit the fan. As I get there several police cars were screaming down the street. Were they for me? We did not stick around to find out. At the same time I don’t believe in coincidences. Typically that’s a pretty quiet neighborhood, so do the math.

Suffice it to say, everyone not related to Adriana was pretty angry at her for what she has been doing to us. And with good reason. The border line was 3 ½ hours long getting back to San Diego, however I was not waiting that long. Oh, the power of visualization! Lucky for me a good patriot near the front of the line offered me a spot in line and I was out of there in minutes.

EVERYONE knows how much I love you Sam. It’s written on my forehead 24-hours a day. There is this beaming smile on my face every time I hear your name or when I am reminded of you in some way. I came to the realization that I may not see you for a while because of what happened today. It’s not safe to go back to that house. I realize that was planned on their part. No question about that. Alicia and Carlos are already working on next steps are in order to change how we spend our time together. Of course it would be easier to just find an agreement that Adriana and I can live with, so we can all go on with our lives and spend time with you in the healthiest way possible. As you can see, Adriana would rather have an aneurysm than think about someone other than herself at this stage of her life. Either way, we will figure this out. I LOVE YOU SAM!

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  1. Wow. What a crazy family. It’s amazing the lengths these people will go through to keep you away from your daughter. Not sure where these people belong – prison or the loony bin? The truth always wins, this bodes well for you. Good luck.

  2. It’s intense reading this even after living it with you this whole time. With these posts chronicling the events in 2013 (and knowing what comes next) Adriana Coronel Tenorio and her merry band of reprobates still have 2 more ambushes on you to plan, 4 more runs from the law and 2 “secret” court filings to try and take your precious daughter away from you. And that is just to get caught up on current events. Just curious, where did Adriana have the time to plan for her wedding that took place just a few months from this incident when she is still living in another man’s house and doing all this other stuff?

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