7-years, 3-months, 3-days into Samantha’s abduction (Part 1)

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Saturday, February 13, 2016: Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan) may lose his shit after reading this. Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) messaged me twice on Valentine’s Day Weekend.

Not you Howitt, her husband.

Not Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global).


And Adriana did not just message me once. She messaged me twice. I am a hard guy to let go of apparently. Even after abducting our daughter, having me ambushed 4-times and sending me to La Mesa Prison for no reason.

Date: 2016/2/13 at 2:22 am Author: elizabeth farquhar duncan E-mail:local.hotel@outlook.com Comment: just seen this part of your website Brian these people you do not know for a start Daniel is not a fugitive from the law as he is a good hard working man it best be noted you are a very controlling man. and for all these people that are reading this drivel you are adding to his ego. but Brian you may have a point in some of the things you are saying look back to everything you have written every sentence you write you have to mention Aris name in every one to me and everyone else this is obsession we will give you time to revise this and Brian Keep this shit up.

Date: 2016/2/13 at 2:29 am Author: elizabeth farquhar duncan E-mail:local.hotel@outlook.com Comment: Elizabeth Duncan does not exist?

The second comment was in response to yesterday’s post.

Thank you for your permission Adriana. Not that I needed it. We will “keep this shit up”. Like I said many times over, you made this personal about me and you. For me, it’s always been about Samantha. There is a big difference between the two. This does not stop until this ends with you in jail or we figure out a way to make peace. I don’t care either way at this point. Although your closest friends would like to see you in prison for what you have done to Samantha. I am ambivalent. I would rather see you out of jail to be honest. That part is up to you.

There is no statute of limitations on anyone involved with a child’s abduction.