6-years, 1-month, 14-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014: Parental alienation is a social dynamic when a child expresses unjustified hatred or unreasonably strong dislike of one parent, making access by the rejected parent difficult or impossible. These feelings are influenced by negative comments by the other parent or grandparents. Terms related to parental alienation include child alienation, pathological alignments, visitation refusal, brainwashing, and pathological alienation.

Superior Courts worldwide are now recognizing parental alienation as serious child abuse with long term effects and serious outcomes for the “PAS Child”. Some jurisdictions have enacted parental alienation as a criminal offense, the latest being Brazil and Mexico.

There is absolutely no question Samantha has been subjected to alienation by both Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel), Maria Guadalupe Tenorio Toledano (AKA Lupita Tenorio, Marsha Tenorio) as well as the rest of the Tenorio-Toledano family. For good measure, Danny Howitt (AKA Daniel Duncan Howitt, Elizabeth Farquhar Duncan, Kenneth Duncan) likes to think of Samantha as his daughter as did Adriana’s boyfriend, Isaias Palomeque (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global).

The courts in Mexico have held Adriana to task on this very issue in every court case.