3-years, 3-months, 1-day into Samantha’s abduction

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Saturday, February 11, 2012: Hi Sam. I wish I was writing about our time together. A couple days ago, I found myself in the emergency room with a 102 degree fever (39 degrees Celsius). Cold sweats with my body feeling like it got hit by a car. I have had plenty of sinus infections in my life but none of them kicked my ass like this one. Without warning this infection hit me like a ton of bricks. One minute I was fine and the next thing you know I am sitting in the emergency room. The sinus pressure in my head making my eyes want to pop out of my face. A fork in the eyes would be a better alternative than continue on like I was. It was brutal.

A friend of mine saw me and told me how bad I looked. It probably did not help that I could barely walk too because my body was so sore. So off to the hospital I went. Just my luck right? Not really as it turns out. The doctor told me I was his 4th patient that day with the same symptoms. I later found out that seven people I train jiu jitsu with fell victim to this as well. Even with the good medicine I was prescribed, my time with you today was out of the question. Bed rest was part of the doctor’s plan. Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) heard it in my voice, what was left of it anyway. She actually felt sorry for me. At least she said she did. It turns out you had the same thing happen to you this week as well. One of the downfalls of being my daughter is that you inherited my allergy and sinus issues. You’re welcome. Hopefully they will find a cure for this someday. As of now, eating good and displacing bad stress helps, but nothing could have prevented what happened to us this week. I was dying to be there for you Sam. Tonight was the first time in almost three days that I felt human. It’s been a long 3-days. I have only been able to sleep for 30-minutes at a time as my body oscillates between the cold chills and being over heated.

So, I am trying to get some time Wednesday to see you. Why Wednesday? Well, Alicia and Carlos notified me we need to submit our rebuttal to the family court appeal that Adriana does not want to drop. So I have to make my way down to Tijuana to do all this. While I am down there I am going to stop by and see if I can spend some time with you. After all, its Valentine’s Day on Tuesday and I would hate to disappoint my Little Princess on Valentine’s Day. I would try to surprise you at school, but I am sure as I am alive Adriana has blocked that from happening.

So, I am in bed flipping channels at 3 AM because I cannot sleep. This story comes up on the news about a famous TV show producer, from Los Angeles, who was accused of killing his wife while on vacation in Cancun. It took a year, but the guy was finally extradited back to Mexico to face the charges. To him I say “enjoy your stay” because he’s going to be there a long time. Why am I bringing this up? The news story was about his first day in court and how riddled with problems the Mexican court system has. They went on and on about all the bumbling mistakes the courts made. Key evidence against the guy is missing. Files are missing and cannot be found. Witnesses were on vacation (makes perfect sense to schedule a court date when your key witnesses are on vacation) and so it went. And this was only the first court date! I can relate all too well unfortunately as you now know. I have no idea if the guy is innocent of what he is being accused of. All’s I know is that he’s going to get the gringo treatment for the next 18-months at least. It brought back stark memories of my time in La Mesa Prison.