5-years, 2-months, 9-days into Samantha’s abduction

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Sunday, January 19, 2014: Here we go Sam. Ambush #3. The goodwill Adriana Coronel Tenorio (AKA Adriana Howitt Coronel, Ari Coronel, Ari Coronel Tenorio, Ari Howitt, Ari Howitt Coronel) created for herself on Wednesday did not last very long. I had a long conversation with Lourdes on Friday. We talking about the dangers of dealing with Adriana without anything in writing and would that even matter. Adriana obviously could care less about the consequences of her actions. While we were all cautiously optimistic that Adriana may actually be on the level the time, the unfortunate part is that it took all of 5-minutes for Adriana to blow up any goodwill she tried to create for herself by having me ambushed in front of you again Sam. Everyone is pissed off at Adriana right now. And I mean everyone. Including that feminist judge who tried and tried and tried to get through to Adriana and eventually suggested we pursue criminal charges against her. Charges this judge was ready to sign off on at a blink of an eye just a few days ago.

Friday night Adriana called, so we talked for a few minutes. Based on the court order, we were to meet in public. Easy enough right? Originally Adriana wanted me to pick her up at her house. Jesus Christ, remember this for when you finish reading this. Can you imagine what would have happened if I did that? I reminded Adriana that the court thought it would be a better idea if we met in public. So we choose a place close to the house. Carl’s Jr. in Playas. Seems safe enough right?

So, I arrived a few minutes early. I went in and bought a coffee knowing the chances of Adriana being on time were next to zero. Adriana was supposed to have you there at 10:00. At 10:30 she still was not there and of course not answering her phone. As I was about to leave, Adriana finally pulls up in Isaias Palomeque’s (AKA Isaias Uzziel Palomeque, Isaias Palomeque Vergara, Project Manager at DJO Global) pick-up truck. You were the first to pop out of the truck, and then some guy vacates the passenger side of the truck. Right away I notice the uniform. He works the security gate in the subdivision where you currently live. Not sure if this is part of his job responsibilities. I am guessing no. Whatever, Adriana violated the agreement right out of the gate. I would have brought security of my own if I knew she was going to do this. This is not good. This guy could be anybody dressed to look the part. She was supposed to have him pre-approved by me and the court and of course she didn’t do it. When asked about it, Adriana told me “too bad, I did this because I wanted to do this.”

The guy had to leave. This is not even debatable. Adriana refused. Unfortunately the visit was over before it even started Sam. Adriana even told you that she “didn’t care” when you objected to her behavior. Incredible. So, I pull out my phone and start rolling video. After all, I would have to explain this to the judge. God forbid I tried to explain this without video or some sort of audio. In an instant Adriana’s security guard got in my face and told me to turn the camera off. I told him to fuck-off and touching me would be the least of his problems. If they thought nobody did anything wrong, why would they care if I was recording them? Exactly. Adriana was clearly agitated about the recording too. Again, why would she care if she felt she was not doing anything wrong? So, Adriana’s security guard leaves and is out of view, walking into the center of the parking lot and away from what was going on.

You were not happy at all either Sam. All you wanted to do was have breakfast with me but Adriana would not allow it. So, I focused the camera on you and tried to explain what was going on as you were continuing to voice your displeasure at Adriana – telling her to behave herself. Out of nowhere, Adriana’s security guard rushed up, punched me in the face and stole my phone as I was rolling video. In a flash I grabbed him and took him down [SNAP] just like that. This guy looked terrified and for good reason. This guy has probably never been manhandled like that before. “Knee on belly” absolutely sucks for people on the bottom of it. I cannot imaging what this guy was thinking with all 220-pounds (99.7kg) of me resting directly on his sternum via my knee. I warned the poor guy to give me back my cell phone or I was going to take his arm home with me and mount it on my wall as I had him in an arm lock position position ready to snap it in ½ in a moments notice. It was at that exact moment when I felt someone poking me on the shoulder. I look around and it was the mall security guard who roams the parking lot when I first arrived. I recognized him as a “friendly” having coffee with him earlier in that morning. We talked about our affinity for muscle cars while I was waiting for Adriana to show up. He goes on to tell everyone that he saw the whole incident and that I have nothing to worry about. It’s not worth breaking the guy’s arm at this point. I looked down at Adriana’s friend who still looks terrified, and took pity on him.

Sam, this all happened so fast, it’s taken 10-times as long to explain it to you here.

So, there is Adriana and this guy yapping at the mall security guard in Spanish even though it was clear everyone within listening distance is bi-lingual. He sees my phone in the other guy’s hand and will not give it back. Regardless, I know I am running out of time before the police arrive. And having been through this before with Adriana, I knew she called them. You would think I would not have anything to worry about because there is a witness this time as well as video. I have already been down this road with the Tijuana Police. And while most of the men and women that don the shield in that city are really good at what they do, Adriana knows the ones who are on the take. And I was not about to stick around for another encounter with them.

It turns out getting out of there was the best decision I could have made in that moment because I would later find out that, the police would have arrested both of us. This way we all live to see another day. Besides the guy who sucker-punched me is probably going to jail anyway once investigators see the video. So, the beauty of this day in age we live in is that we all have the ability to put things in “the cloud” instantly. I have an international plan for my phone that allows free flowing voice and data without having to roam no matter where I am on the planet. So, every picture and video I have been taking with you automatically goes right to “the cloud”. I don’t have to back up anything. As soon as it’s done taking the picture or video, it happens automatically. It makes no difference if my phone is stolen or destroyed. I won’t lose any data. Although these phones are not cheap and one would not like to get sucker-punched so some douche-bag can steal your phone. So there’s that. Adriana will never break the password on the phone anyway. It will wipe the hard drive after a few bad attempts to break in. And you know Adriana will try to hack the phone.

After conferring with Lourdes, we took the case to the District Attorney’s office. After complementing me on the take-down and for showing restraint in the end, he tells me he trains jiu jitsu as well. He just received his purple belt last month. Very cool. The DA assured me they will find the guy and arrest him. No question about it. The mall security guard did not know I was rolling video when they took his statement. He thought I was taking pictures. The DA told me his statement matched verbatim with what was on the video. To make matters worse for Adriana, Carl’s Jr. has cameras that saw everything as did the Santander Bank on the other side of the parking lot. Their outside cameras saw everything too. It will be interesting to see what this guy says about Adriana when we catch him. In the meantime, it’s safe to say we do not have a new agreement for visitations. I would argue we never really had one because Adriana never had any intention of complying with the court order or would try to create goodwill for herself. I knew Adriana had no intention to sticking to the agreement. She never has before and she probably never will. Those were my exact words to the court when we left the judge’s chambers the other day. That is on public record.

So, this was the 3rd ambush perpetrated by Adriana against me. All of them happened in front of Sam. This time it had some semblance of consequence attached to it. I know these people better than they know themselves. This was not hard to figure out. As of a few days ago, it’s on court record that I knew this was going to happen. Adriana was there when I told the court she would do something like this. That’s when she reached for that trash basket to vomit in when she found out the judge turned against her and wanted her arrested. Yet, Adriana still could not help herself.

Finally I made it home. Before I did, Google reassured me they disabled the phone no matter where it was. They told me that the phone was on and people tried to hack it that same day. And because it was on, they knew where it was. Want to take a guess where my stolen phone is Sam? Knowing all this, Google smoked the phone. How cool is that? None of my accounts were compromised. Adriana and this guy are screwed because now I have Google’s testimony, surveillance cameras from Carl’s Jr. and Santander Bank and have good audio and video from the phone itself. It’s only a matter of time before we have the name of this guy.

Even though this was an obvious case of self-defense, I decided to press charges in a criminal case anyway. I don’t want to but I have to. Chances are, Adriana already tried to press charges against me with a fake petition of her own. Surely she has plenty of practice filing false claims against people. Lourdes knows a criminal defense attorney who used to be a district attorney in Ensenada. That came in handy as I filed my case for prosecution. Ironically it was the same place where the La Mesa Prison situation started. While it was nice to be on the other side of the desk this time. I could not help but flashback to August 2010. And yes, that place still sounds and smells the same. 

As we were leaving, I was told it was too early to tell if Adriana filed a case against me. But with her history it will probably show up in a few days. While making false statements to law enforcement is typically not a good idea, it would not be the worst thing Adriana has done since 2008.